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Major General John Richardson IV

Headquarters & Headquarters Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division

80th Commanding Officer of the 1st Cavalry Division

MG Richardson is the kind of person you just don’t forget. He’s the definition of the modern cavalryman and his pride for the history of the division is second to none. A fifth-generation West Point graduate, he has served in the United States, Germany, Iraq, and Afghanistan. However, the two commands he’s held that he is most proud of is as the 74th Colonel of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment and as the Commanding General of the 1st Cavalry Division.

I met MG Richardson by sheer luck. During the summer of 2022, I sold him a uniform on eBay and from this, our professional relationship blossomed into one where I was able to assist his Executive Officer, Major Edwin Jimenez, with a number of historical projects for the division. These projects include a small museum in the 1st Cavalry Division HQ, a history walk around the division’s parade field, and the installation of a WWII jeep outside the division HQ. He’s a highly intelligent and highly motivated leader known for enjoying entertaining guests and dignitaries as well as an avid history buff.

MG Richardson is a role model for over 20,000 soldier's in the 1st Cavalry Division and one civilian from Virginia. I’m honored to assist him in getting his projects completed to better enrich the division’s history.

Click on a photo in this slideshow for a closer look or click on the arrows at the edges of the slideshow to look through the photos.

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