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Friends of the Cavalry
Ain't a Cowboy Yet

While this website is dedicated to the service of veterans of the 1st Cavalry Division, other artifacts from non-cavalrymen in my collection deserve to be shared as well. Many of these items came directly from the veteran who I interviewed and formed a bond with over the years. They came from across America and fought in many wars, from World War Two to modern conflicts like Iraq and Afghanistan in all of the branches of the military.

This section is dedicated to my father and grandfather, EM2 Paul Schmidt and AMM3 James "Randy" Ferguson.

Below the Waves, Upon the Sand

The United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard


RADM William Post Jr

USS Gudgeon (SS-211)

USS Spot (SS-413)


Capt Maurice Horn

USS Blackfin (SS-322)

Submarine Flotilla 7


Capt Donald Mehlhop

USS S-38 (SS-148)

USS Shad (SS-235)

Untitled design.png

Capt David Minton III

USS Guardfish (SSN-612)

USS George Washington (SSBN-598)


CDR Edward Griffing

USS Sam Houston (SSBN-609)

USS George C Marshall (SSBN-654)

TSgt Norman Mohn


3rd MARDIV Band

HQ&Svc Bat, III Amphib Corps

Jumper 1.jpg

EM2 Paul Schmidt

USS Bergall (SSN-667)

AMM3 James Ferguson

USCGAS Elizabeth City, NC

Chesapeake, VA Fire Department

Freighters of Freedom

The United States Merchant Marine


Lt Oscar Loomis

MS Northland

MS Ocean Mail

Lt Vincent Russo

SS Grace Abbott

SS Four Lakes

SR Roy Parks

USMSTS Sheepshead Bay

The Men on Our Flank

The United States Army


SSgt Robert Duvall Sr

287th MP CO

Dugway Proving Grounds

Sgt Bert Everett

HQ Btry, 120th AAA Bat

Sp4 Larry Hazelwood

C CO, 40th Sig Bat

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