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Today's 1st Cavalry Division
Live the Legend

The 1st Cavalry Division has evolved into a unit that rides into battle not on horses or helicopters, but on M1A1 Abrams and M2 Bradleys. It has seen combat across the world, from the islands of the Pacific to remote corners of Iraq and Afghanistan. Stationed at Fort Cavazos, TX, the First Team continues its heritage of horse-mounted troopers with its own flair, reviving the 'Cav Hat' Stetson and a detachment of horse-mounted troopers. Today, the division is 23,000 troopers strong and the United States' premier armor division, with units stationed in Texas and in Europe to support our allies across the world. Regardless of the danger or risk, the 1st Cavalry Division will continue to ride into battle no matter where the battle is. They are courageous, Audacious, and Victorious. They are 'The CAV.'

This section is dedicated to Major General John Richardson IV, Major Edwin Jimenez, and Captain Elizabeth LaRue for their steadfast appreciation and dedication to the history of the division as well as their professionalism and compassion. I am proud to not only call them members of America's most important division but friends as well. Thank you.


MG John Richardson IV

HHBN, 1st Cavalry Division

Commanding General "Pegasus-6"


MAJ Edwin Jimenez

HHBN, 1st Cavalry Division

HHC, 91st Eng Bat, 1st Brig

Executive Officer to the Commanding General


Capt Elizabeth LaRue

HHBN, 1st Cavalry Division

Aide-de-Camp to the Commanding General


SPC Chase Ash


A Co, 1st Bat, 9th Cav Regt

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