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Major Edwin Jimenez

Headquarters & Headquarters Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division

Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 91st Engineer Battalion, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team

Major Edwin Jimenez is an interesting man and if you ever get the chance to talk with him, I sincerely hope you take it. Quiet and a bit reserved, Major Jimenez works hard to ensure every task is completed well. I was introduced to him by his boss, Major General John Richardson IV, the Commanding General of the 1st Cavalry Division and worked with him for a little over a year on various history-inclined projects MG Richardson wanted completed. For two weeks, I worked with him and his staff (as well as driven by him and his staff to and from the hotel) at Fort Cavazos, working quickly to complete numerous projects. In fourteen days, I learned a lot about him, his family, and his take on what it means to 'be the CAV.'

For starters, his unit is like family to him. While easily said by other veterans and active duty servicemembers, I had the opportunity to see it first hand, watching him interact with the people in his office and with his wife as well. The closest bonds are often found in a fox hole, and when the staples are flying, no bond was as close as Major Jimenez and Major Arron Griffith or Captain Elizabeth 'Liz' LaRue. He was always hard at work ensuring paperwork was completed, keeping MG Richardson's schedule up-to-date, and juggling a dozen different things at once. Combat engineers are trained to thrive under pressure and Major Jimenez is no exception.

One morning as we drove to division headquarters, I asked him about his military career and what he had been doing prior to the First Team. When he was a captain, he was a company commander in the 36th Engineer Brigade, serving two tours in Afghanistan. He spoke about three times where he saw friends and comrades wounded in combat, of driving in armored vehicles in the middle of the desert, and of disarming IEDs on highways. Out of respect for him and his solders, I won't go into detail about the stories but it was an honor being there in his Jeep listening to him speak. I've talked to many veterans and hearing the stories about friends are always the most touching. For his time in Afghanistan, he earned two Bronze Star Medals, though he referred to them as “end-of-tour awards of sorts.” However, his unrelenting courage under fire and dedication to his troops says otherwise.

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He rotated out of division headquarters in the summer of 2023, finishing his time as MG Richardson's 'XO' and becoming the 'XO' of the 91st Engineer Battalion. The 91st is assigned to 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team. Major Jimenez is always up for a challenge and expressed his eagerness to improve his battalion. 

I’m proud to have worked alongside Major Jimenez and consider him a friend. Thank you, Major, for your dedication to service and for being a role model to those who serve under you. Good luck in your new role in the 91st Engineer Battalion. With your skills from West Point, Afghanistan, and division headquarters, I know you'll excel!

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