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RCM Collection

The RCM Collection, curated by Robert Mackowiak, is a cornerstone in Korean War militaria sites. His collection of high quality items focuses primarily on the Korean War (namely the 7th Infantry Division), but covers items from WWI to Vietnam from numerous nations, including the United States, England, Canada, Greece, and more.

The 36th Division Archive

The 36th Division Archive, curated by Alex Drury, highlights the impressive service of the 'Texas Division' during its service in WWII. Starting with his Great-Grandfather's Ike jacket, Alex grew his collection to be the largest known 36th Division collection in the world and features many rare pieces like the uniform of Brigadier General Robert Stack, the man who captured Field Marshal Hermann Göring.

Canadian-American Militaria

Canadian-American Militaria, curated by Cody Granatier, highlights the service of soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen from many nations and many wars. From WWI to the modern day, Cody's collection highlights numerous medals and groupings from members of the militaries of the United States, England, France, Germany, Canada, and many more. 

The Armored Archive

Curated by Jakub Kulaga, The Armored Archive is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the US Army's rich history in armored warfare. Drawing inspiration from his own grandfather's service as a machine gunner in the 8th Armored Division in WWII, he currently serves in the 1st Cavalry Division as a gunner on an M1 Abrams. 

Korea Zero Foundation

The Korea Zero Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by current undergraduate students at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA. KZF strives to raise awareness of the service and problems of Korean War veterans amongst young people to ensure that the service and sacrifice of Korean War veterans is never forgotten.

The 1st Cavalry Division Association

On July 17, 1944, a group of 1st Cavalry Division troopers in the Admiralty Islands agreed to form an Association of 1st Cavalry Division Soldiers and Veterans to preserve old friendships and conduct periodic reunions. Anyone who has been assigned or attached to the 1st Cavalry Division anytime, anywhere, is eligible for Life membership. Once Cav, always Cav!

1st Cavalry Division's Facebook

The 1st Cavalry Division's official Facebook page. You can keep up to date on what the 1st Cavalry is doing and see some interesting photographs of troopers in action!

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