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World War II
The Pacific Rodeo

When Pearl Harbor was struck in 1941, the 1st Cavalry Division was assigned to America's southern border. For almost three years, division commander Major General Innis Swift lobbied for the division to be sent overseas to fight the Axis powers. General Swift led the 1st Cavalry Division into World War II, guiding them through training in Australia and New Guinea before the division was engaged in the Admiralty Island Campaign in 1944. Following this, the First Team landed in Leyte and Luzon, helping to liberate the Philippines from Imperial Japan. 

This page is dedicated to the troopers who fought tenaciously in the pursuit of global freedom, exchanging

sabers for bayonets and horses for jeeps to do so.

Hall 1

LTG Charles Hall

XI Corps

Chase 1

MG William Chase


XI Corps

Wright 1

LTC Bertram Wright


HQ&HQ Trp, 1st Cav Div

Sawyer 1

Maj Francis Sayers


58th Evac Hospital

Anderson 1

SSgt Verl Anderson


D Trp, 12th Cav Regt

Longerbone 1

SSgt Howard Longerbone


H Trp, 7th Cav Regt

Schwartz 1

SSgt Uhel Schwartz


Srv Trp, 12th Cav Regt

Copy of .Set-up.png

T/4 Bruce Wright


HQ&Srv Trp, 8th Eng Sqd


T/5 Joseph Edwards


HQ&HQ Trp, 5th Cav Regt

Thompson 1

T/5 Arthur Thompson


B Co, 85th Chem Mort Bat

Gerber 1

Cpl Leon Gerber


HQ Co, Shore Bat, 592nd B&S Regt


PFC Harold Kaufman


Wpns Trp, 8th Cav Regt

Bundt 1

Pvt Everett Bundt


A Trp, 7th Cav Regt

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